The machines for tamping of blind nuts are becoming increasingly popular. It is not a surprising trend since the use of such a device allows to make the production much more efficient, thus, to increase efficiency with the work costs reduced at the same time. Automation of the process of nut tamping allows to avoid a number of mistakes at the performance of this activity which can result in a complaint regarding the piece of furniture. Taking into account the low price of the device and the simplicity of operation and installation, it is an investment that company of various sizes can afford. Use of the machine in the production process allows to apply rivet nuts. The solid fitting makes this solution incomparable to any other available on the market.

  • INCREASE OF PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY - use of machines for tamping of blind nuts allows to accelerate the process, thus, to increase efficiency or production.
  • COST REDUCTION - application of the machine allows to reduce the costs of work connected with blind nut tamping. It is no necessary to use cardboard washers or protective nut flange sewing.
  • QUALITY IMPROVEMENT - application of machine tamped nuts allows to avoid improper tamping. Application of rivet nuts is a solution comparable to other types of fitting.
  • LOW COSTS - The cost-effective price of the machine allows for the investment even in small enterprises.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - all that is needed is a power source (230 V) and compressed air connection.

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