o_firmie_1.jpgOur company has been active in the line of furniture industry for over 20 years. Together with our customers, manufacturers of upholstered furniture and mattresses, we have overcome a number of market disruptions. We have always been guided by one purpose, to support our customers in improving on their performance in order to be able to grow along with them. Many years of collaboration with hundreds of firms constitutes the best recommendation of our philosophy of mutual business relations. We are proud of the confidence placed in us and are ready to do our best so as not to breach it.

o_firmie_2.jpgDelivery system based on a catchphrase "just in time" has been a sign of our striving for the improvement of our customers service and one of the our company's foundations. We have worked it out in order to relieve our customers of problems related to the logistics of the supply.  


Our second fundamental principle is the highest quality of the offered products supported  by flexibility in execution of even most non-standard orders. We have been trying to meet our customers' expectations instead of trying to adapt customers to us.


For many years we have also been active beyond the Polish borders. Our brand is recognisable in many European countries.


Our uninterrupted development is our best showcase.

o_firmie_3.jpgWe participate in many trade fairs, trying to bring offered products and our mission to our partners. Our efforts were recognized in an edition of the fair "FURNICA". The jury awarded the medal of Acanthus AUREUS for common exhibition of the companies KAREN Sp. J. and KAREN-PIANKI. Jury justified the decision:
 "The Acantus Aureus contest is aimed at the assessment of not only the stand design but also its adaptation to the execution of marketing strategy of the company. A stand should be conducive to achieve marketing purposes and facilitate contacts with customers. The Jury of ACANTUS AUREUS contest, chaired by Prof. Henryk Mruk has honoured companies: KAREN Sp.j. and KAREN-PIANKI."

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